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Beaverton & Portland Oregon Chiropractic First, llc
New Chiropractic patients: If you call 503-626-5761 before 3:30 pm we can usually schedule you for a Chiropractic appointment the same day.

Chiropractic First, llc - Adjusting Oregonians since 2001.
Christopher Pierce, DC & Huma Pierce, DC
Phone: 503-626-5761
Email Scheduling & general questions: office@c1pdx.com
Email Billing: billing@c1pdx.com
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Fax: 503-626-5782
12820 SW 2nd St. Beaverton, OR 97005  map/directions

Portland's Chiropractic First, llc reviews

The Drs. Pierce are available Monday through Thursday (click for office hours) and by emergency appointment to take care of your Chiropractic needs. Being seen by our doctors of Chiropractic in either Beaverton or Portland is as easy as 1-2-3.
  1. Make the call: Call 503-626-5761 during normal office hours to schedule your exam and treatment timesIf there is an emergency such as a recent auto injury and you need urgent Chiropractic care after hours care please call 503-626-5761. A new patient exam is required prior to beginning any Chiropractic treatment. X-rays may also be required prior to treatment depending on your individual case history and exam findings. We offer in-office X-rays for your convenience or you may receive a referral to one of the many Epic Imaging locations around the Portland metro area.
  2. Online forms: Fill out your new patient electronic forms online from home, work or your smart phone. We will send you an email with a secure link to our online electronic health record (EHR) system.
  3. Exam and treatment: Come in to be be examined to determine the cause of your condition, formulate a plan of treatment together and be cared for by the doctors and therapists.

Our most common FAQ: Do we accept health insurance for Chiropractic?

chiropractor portland oregon portland oregon chiropractor chiropractors portland or chiropractic
Answer: Yes, we accept auto insurance, health insurance, workers compensation insurance and many other types of insurance such as Federal Employee Plans. Our 3 most popular insurance plans our patient use are: 
  • Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon
  • Aetna
  • Cigna
We also accept many other health insurance plans. Give us a call and we can verify your Chiropractic, massage, and physical therapy benefits for you. Our Chiropractors are enrolled as preferred participating providers for Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon, Aetna and Cigna as a result of their popularity and Chiropractic benefits which seem to serve our patients well. We also accept auto claims for accidents and injuries occurring in Oregon.

Health insurance and auto insurance are not a guarantee of benefits and the person receiving the care is ultimately financially responsible for their care. Please let us help you to demystify the often confusing health insurance jargon that comes with every health insurance plan for you. Allow our expert billing staff to call your insurance company and verify your Chiropractic, massage and physical therapy benefits for you. There is no charge for this call and service. 503-626-5761

Our 2nd most common FAQ: If I don't have health insurance, and I wasn't in an auto or work accident, do you offer any payment at the time of service discounts for Chiropractic care if I pay directly out of pocket?

Answer: Yes. Call for our payment-at-time-of-service discounted prices for exams, X-rays and other therapies. Adjustments are $75 cash or credit card.

Our 3rd most common FAQ: What is a typical visit like? What kind of exam, adjustments and treatments do you do? 

chiropractor portland or chiropractor in portland beaverton chiropractic chiropractic portland orAnswer: New patient exams often include a thorough history, comprehensive physical evaluation, any necessary vitals, orthopedic and neurologic testing, range of motion and palpatory evaluation of spinal and extremity regions of complaints and spinal X-Rays when necessary. Our exams traditionally are much more intensive and holistic than what you would receive at a hospital or urgent care clinic. Treatments often include education of how not to re-injure one's self, manual and instrument Chiropractic adjustments, posture and exercise recommendations, therapeutic exercises, nutritional guidance and all-natural physical therapy. Exams average 60-75 minutes.

What services do we provide?
beaverton chiropractors hawthorne chiropractic portlandChiropractic, physical therapy and licensed massage therapy
for auto injuries with no out of pocket charges to verified/qualified personal injury protection PIP claims. Health insurance and auto insurance are not a guarantee of benefits and the person receiving the care is ultimately financially responsible for their care. Call 503-626-5761 to have us call your car insurance company to verify your Chiropractic, physical therapy and massage benefits for you. We also accept health insurance with Chiropractic, physical therapy and massage benefits. We are participating providers for Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oregon, Aetna, Cigna and many other health insurance plans.

Chiropractic First map Portland and Beaverton Oregon group

Chiropractic First, llc has 2 clinic locations to serve you better. Our main Chiropractic clinic and X-ray facility is located in downtown Beaverton, Oregon. The other satelite clinic islocated in SE Portland, Oregon in the Central Eastside Industrial District (CEID).

The doctors are available Monday - Thursday by appointment in Beaverton. Call 503-626-5761 to schedule your Chiropractic appointment today. SE Portland appointments are available Thursday mornings.

Our Chiropractic clinic location:

12820 SW 2nd St.  Beaverton, OR  97005  map/directions  503-626-5761

We love trees & the environment!
The doctors and staff at Chiropractic First, llc care strongly about preserving the environment and running a green environmentally friendly office so we have chosen to be a less-paper & paper-less office by using electronic medical records and electronic billing whenever possible. Less paperwork equals more live trees, especially in Oregon. One other benefit to a paperless electronic medical record EMR system is that you the patient can fill out your "paperwork" anywhere you have an internet connection, including on many of today's smart phones. Another benefit to our EMR is that patients like yourself can schedule your treatments/adjustments online after your initial visit without having to talk to our receptionist. No more, "can you hold please?" When you arrive for your first appointment, your paperwork will be 95% complete, which means less or no time waiting to see the doctor while reading old magazines in the reception area. After you have called one of our helpful team members at 503-626-5761 to schedule your appointment, you will receive a confirmation email with your password to log in to our EMR website to complete your new patient information online.

Chiropractic visits are available by appointment Monday-Friday: 
Monday:        9:00am - 5:45pm
Tuesday:       9:00am - 5:45pm
Wednesday:  9:00am - 5:45pm
Thursday:      9:00am - 12:00pm
1st Saturday of each month: 9:00am - 10:30am

Massage therapy is available at our Beaverton massage clinic location Monday - Thursday.
Call 503-626-5761 or click here to visit the 2nd Street Massage website.

Chiropractic First, llc has a Facebook page and a weekly blog for living a healthy lifestyle in the Portland metro area. Check out our Chiropractic blog or become a fan on Facebook for specials and the latest in research.
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The Drs. Pierce would be honored to be your Chiropractors.
Beaverton Oregon chiropractors Drs. PierceDr. Christopher Pierce and Dr. Huma Pierce are a dynamic husband and wife Chiropractic team. They have practiced together in Portland and Beaverton, Oregon areas since 2001/2002. They like to work together on clients’ cases. They are parents and have extensive experience in diagnosing and treating children’s health issues. The youngest children the Drs. Pierce have adjusted was only minutes old. Dr. Christopher Pierce adjusted his son after a traumatic hospital birthing process affecting his neck, heart and lungs, his 1st adjustment allowed him to clear his lungs of meconium and breathe clearly for the first time and his heart rate returned to normal. The doctors have worked successfully with reversing multiple infertility cases using Chiropractic techniques link. Both doctors are distinguished fellows of Chiropractic Biophysics / Clinical Biomechanics of Posture (CBP). They have had the distinction of helping to teach other doctors spinal corrective techniques in the US, Canada, Asia and Europe. The doctors have created an upbeat, fun, and healing family environment to practice the art of Chiropractic. Chiropractic First, llc provides Chiropractic, all-natural physiotherapy, and massage services at the Beaverton clinic location. This is a time saving benefit to those people who need multiple healing services. The downtown SE Portland clinic focuses on golf rehab and training, bicyclists, cycling related injuries and accidents, bicycle commuters, and bike performance training.

Going to a Chiropractor should be an easy and enjoyable experience. You should know what to expect with regard to quality of care and fees ahead of time. Here, we have done our best to explain what you can expect on your first and follow up visits to Chiropractic First, llc.

  • Call 503-626-5761 to schedule your initial exam.
  • If you have health insurance and you would like us to bill it for you, please share your current insurance information with us and we will work to have your Chiropractic benefits verified prior to your first visit and explain to you in clear terms which services your policy will cover. If you would like to email our billing specialists, you may do so at billing@c1pdx.com.
  • If you don't have health insurance or Chiropractic benefits, that's OK, we have affordable care options for you. We pride our selves in providing quality care for everyone. Just let us know if you will be paying directly out of pocket so we may simplify your paperwork and offer you our most affordable payment at time of service discounts. 
  • We will send you an email and personal pin number to access your online paperwork via our (EMR) program called.
  • Fill out and complete your intake paperwork and health history from home, work or most smart phones at your convenience.
  • Arrive at your exam a few minutes early, show you valid state ID and insurance card if available, and complete your check-in on one of our computers. We have assistants to help with this intake process.
  • You will be seen by Dr. Huma Pierce or Dr. Christopher Pierce promptly at your exam time. Please don't expect to sit around in a waiting room, as we value your time greatly.
  • If you are in serious pain, the doctors may process your X-Rays immediately and either Dr. Christopher Pierce or Dr. Huma Pierce will adjust you right then after your X-rays have been reviewed. If you are not in dire pain you may be scheduled for your adjustment at a later time or on a later date so as to have a more complete review of your X-rays and create a plan for spinal correction.
  • Complete your payment for your visit with either the receptionist or at the EMR computer station. Remember, there usually are no out of pocket fees with qualified auto insurance claims or qualified workers compensation claims. Health insurance and auto insurance are not a guarantee of benefits and the person receiving the care is ultimately financially responsible for their care.  
  • Schedule a (no cost) report to review your exam and X-ray findings with Dr. Huma Pierce or Dr. Christopher Pierce.
  • Schedule follow up treatment and adjustment appointments at either of our 2 clinic locations in Portland or Beaverton with Dr. Christopher Pierce or Dr. Huma Pierce.
  • Remember, after your first visit with us, appointment scheduling, cancellations, and payments, etc. can all be made on line with our EMR website portal.
  • We have made it very affordable for patients who are not insured or are under-insured choosing to pay directly out of pocket. 
  • All health insurance and personal injury protection PIP rates are charged at the most current Oregon Workers' Compensation Fee Schedule link. The state of Oregon determines these fees every second April. Visit the Oregon.gov website link to better understand how health insurance works in Oregon that we have found. At that website, they discuss Medicare, Oregon Health Plan (OHP), Oregon Medical Insurance Pool (OMIP), Family Health Insurance Assistance Program (FHIAP), free or reduced priced clinics, individual insurance plans, Health Savings Accounts (HSA), club and association group plans. We are participating providers for many different health insurance companies including Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oregon, Aetna and Cigna. For some other health insurance programs we are out-of-network providers link. Note: Doctors and other medical providers may charge more than the allowable expense in your health insurance contract. Once your insurance company pays its share, you are ultimately responsible for the balance. This balance is in addition to deductibles and co-insurance amounts you pay. Sometimes the insurance company pays the entire claim to you instead of paying the out-of-network provider. In that case, the medical provider can require full payment of all charges from you.
  • For massage therapy at our Beaverton clinic location click here or call 503-626-5761.

What sets us apart from other Chiropractic clinics in Beaverton and Portland, Oregon?

Availability - Dr. Christopher Pierce is the primary adjusting doctor for Chiropractic First, llc. He practices at both clinic locations and sees patients Monday through Thursday. This allows clients from both sides of the river to schedule convenient appointments and reduce their commute times to their appointments. Dr. Huma Pierce is available Monday through Thursday at the Beaverton Chiropractic First, llc clinic location exclusively and by emergency appointment on other days for established clients of Chiropractic First, llc.

Experience - Dr. Christopher Pierce has adjusted Olympic athletes, professional athletes, musicians, celebrities, infants, children, adults and seniors in their 100's. He has an extensive educational background in athletic training, exercise physiology, the clinical biomechanics of posture, martial arts, cycling and nutrition in addition to Chiropractic. Dr. Huma Pierce draws from her diverse background in Chiropractic, Biology, scoliosis correction, foot orthotics and the clinical biomechanics of posture when diagnosing the cause of people’s conditions. She also is experienced to testifying on behalf of her patients for auto injury and personal injury cases. Dr. Huma Pierce is fluent in English, French, Urdu, Punjabi and also speaks some Hindi.

Passion and Purpose - The Drs. Pierce love what they do and are enthusiastic about helping others to achieve optimal health and wellness. They are confident in their skills and techniques. They feel that they provide the highest quality Chiropractic care possible. The doctors continue to keep current with Chiropractic research and techniques as the Chiropractic profession evolves. Both doctors are active in supporting the Oregon Chiropractic Association, Oregon Board of Chiropractic Examiners and the politics of providing affordable local health care in Oregon. Their goal is to help make the Portland metro area the healthiest place on the planet to live.

Beaverton Oregon Regence BCBS BLue Cross Blue Shield ChiropractorAffordability - The team at Chiropractic First, llc has made every possible effort to make the quality care that they provide, affordable to all who value it. All health insurance and personal injury protection PIP rates are charged at the Oregon Workers' Compensation Fee Schedule. The state of Oregon determines these fees. You can look up the most current fee schedules to see what we charge insurance companies here. Medicare rates are used for Medicare rates click here for Noridian Medicare rates for Oregon. Patients who have been injured in a car accident in Oregon usually do not have to pay anything out of pocket for Chiropractic care and massage therapy unless they choose to pay out of pocket for their care and bill their auto insurance companies themselves, which is highly uncommon for obvious reasons. Health insurance and auto insurance are not a guarantee of benefits and the person receiving the care is ultimately financially responsible for their care. We can bill their auto insurance directly if they have opened a claim for the accident and have provided us with a valid claim number.

Convenience - Our patients fill out their paperwork online at their own convenience. This keeps their appointment time in-office to a minimum. Appointments after the initial phone call to receive your log in and pin number may be scheduled online as well. Payments and co-payments may also be made online to protect your credit card information. In fact, nearly all of our paperwork is electronic which helps both you and our environment.

Denneroll Beaverton Portland Oregon Chiropractic mechanical traction device orthoticDenneroll - Both of our doctors are additionally trained (Chiropractic Bio-Physics® (CBP) Advanced Certified Fellows and were trained by the developer of the orthotics themselves). Call and visit our clinic to determine if you are indeed a candidate for Denneroll home care orthotic devices for either Cervical, Thoracic, Scoliosis or Lumbar spinal traction, in addition to determining the correct size and positioning of your individual Denneroll orthotic device. We will not sell traction devices to people that have not (1) had an initial postural series of films performed, (2) been properly fit following an X-ray of your spine while performing the traction (stress film). The stress film of you in traction is a strong indicator of how much potential for spinal correction you can achieve. Other clinics may guess as to the location of positioning and size of unit to give you, but we will not guess about your health care.

Beaverton ChiropractorBeaverton Chiropractic doctors Drs. PierceReal Results - Case Study

This young patient came to us with a loss of the normal curve in their neck and associated neck pain, neck stiffness, headaches, numbness and tingling in the hands and upper back tension. They had troubling sleeping without discomfort and every day began and ended with neck pain. Following a corrective care Chiropractic program of adjustments, exercises and traction, their neck curve returned to near normal and they experienced relief of their symptoms and full range of motion.
More results and Chiropractic testimonials.

Shortest available drive times and distances to your closest Chiropractic First, llc clinic
and Portland zip codes:
Downtown Portland: 0+ minutes @ 0+ miles (97204, 97205, 97209, 97210, 97201)

Southeast Portland - SE Portland (aka The People's Republic of Portland): 0+ minutes @ 0+ miles (97214, 97215, 97216, 97202, 97206, 97266, 97233, 97236, 97222, 97267)

Southwest Portland - SW Portland: (97204, 97205, 97201, 97239, 97221, 97225, 97223, 97219)

Northeast Portland - NE Portland: (97232, 97212, 97211, 97213, 97218, 97216, 97220, 97230)

Northwest Portland - NW Portland: (97209, 97210, 97229)

North Portland - N Portland - (aka NoPo): (97227, 97217, 97203)

Beaverton: 0+ minutes @ 0+ miles (97005, 97006, 97007, 97008, 97075, 97076, 97077, 97078)
Cedar Hills: 5 minutes @ 1.74 miles (97225)
Aloha: 6 minutes @ 3.03 miles (97006, 97007)
West Slope: 7 minutes @ 2.58 miles (97225)
Raleigh Hills: 7 minutes @ 2.78 miles (97225)
Garden Home: 10 minutes @ 3.87 miles (97223)
Cedar Mill: 8 minutes @ 4.00 miles (97229)
Tigard: 10 minutes @ 5.87 miles (97223, 97224)
Lake Oswego: 12 minutes @ 7.60 miles (97034, 97035)
Hillsdale: 13 minutes @ 6.18 miles (97201, 97219)
Bonny Slope: 14 minutes @ 5.19 miles (97229)
Hillsboro: 18 minutes @ 9.98 miles (97123)
Downtown Vancouver, WA: 15 minutes @ 10.0 miles (98660, 98661, 98662, 98663, 98664, 98665, 98666, 98667, 98668, 98682, 98683, 98684, 98685, 98686, 98687)
Portland International Airport - PDX: 19 minutes @ 11.19 miles (97218)
Wilsonville: 20 minutes @ 15.18 miles (97537)

Chiropractic First, llc
Adjusting Oregonians since 2001.
Christopher Pierce, DC
Huma Pierce, DC
Phone: 503-626-5761
Email Scheduling & general questions: office@c1pdx.com
Email Billing: billing@c1pdx.com
Email Doctors:
Fax: 503-626-5782
12820 SW 2nd St. Beaverton, OR 97005


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